Email Automation Specialist - Klaviyo (WFH, Night Shift)


Emerge is looking for an Email Marketing Automation Specialist who can create, maintain, and manage clients and email marketing automation. A talented individual who has experience in Klaviyo email automation, e-commerce, and Shopify.

As a Klaviyo Email Marketing Automation Specialist, you will design, build, and strategize email automation and landing pages. You will make recommendations to enhance campaign effectiveness, and improve KPIs and customer engagement with the platform, as well as open, click-through rates, and conversions. You will be able to connect Klaviyo to the Shopify automation and troubleshoot any issues

Job Description:

The core responsibilities for this role include:

  • Klaviyo campaign and flow setup and management (~25%)
  • Klaviyo list, segment, filter, and tag management (~10%)
  • Data reporting, analysis, split test ideation, and implementation (~40%)
  • Deliverability optimization (~20%)
  • Systems and process building (5%)

Part 1: Klaviyo campaign and flow setup and management (25%)

  • Project coordination: Work with designers and copywriters to meet project and regular content production timelines
  • Quality assurance: Review emails to check for typos, grammatical errors, layout issues, and design improvements
  • Set up campaigns and flows with precise triggers, segmentations, and filters to send the right emails to the right people at the right time
  • Test new campaign and flow setups to verify and confirm specifications are met (audience, source code/format, working CTA links and design elements, correct CTA links)
  • Monitor new campaign and flow performance immediately and 24 hours after activation to verify and confirm specifications are met (audience, time, deliverability)

Part 2: Klaviyo list, segment, filter, and tag management (10%)

  • Understand and decide how to best structure our Klaviyo lists, segments, and tags for optimal performance both operationally and financially. For example, what are some common traps or mistakes people make when setting up emails and how can we minimize these mistakes?
  • Implement a standard naming convention and hold others accountable to use the same naming convention

Part 3: Data reporting and analysis (40%)

  • Set up and use PowerBI, Google Data Studio, or another data visualization tool to report daily, weekly, and monthly revenues and performance of the email channel. Knowledge of such tools is a bonus skill but not required as long as you are open to finding resources online to learn on your own
  • Analyze data and derive key insights to direct email marketing efforts. This involves slicing and dicing data in different ways daily. You will receive guidance to improve your analytical thinking skills
  • Draft and evaluate split test ideas and seek alignment with leaders
  • Coordinate split test idea implementation with copywriters and designers, then execute and measure results of the split test upon completion

Part 4: Deliverability optimization (~20%)

  • Understand email deliverability architecture (e.g. sending and receiving servers, key needle movers to improve delivery and deliverability, SPF/DKIM configurations, DMARC deployment, etc.)
  • Design mini projects to improve deliverability, starting with the highest impact changes we can make to strengthen the foundation of our email channel
  • Measure and reiterate email deliverability improvement efforts

Part 5: Systems and process building (5%)

  • Review and update existing Email SOPs/process guides and checklists
  • Turn new processes into SOPs/process guides and checklists for future team members


  • Have at least 2 years of experience in Email Automation and Klaviyo
  • Have general knowledge in troubleshooting network systems, internet connectivity, and other technical aspects
  • Extremely detail-oriented
  • Have knowledge in Shopify and copywriting
  • Have experience managing e-commerce accounts
  • Have experience doing customer service chat and video calls
  • Must be comfortable doing training, live calls, and tutorial videos
  • Proficiency in Google Suite is a plus
  • Are fluent in English both speaking and writing
  • Can work in US Time Zone (graveyard shift in PH time or at least overlap US time zones by a few hours)
  • Have project management experience
  • Have exceptional customer service skills
  • Have a good internet connection and video conference capabilities

We will do at least 3 video call interviews: an interview with HR, a next-level interview with the marketing director lead, and a final interview with a client.

Please send:

  • Cover letter
  • Your resume

We will ask for your portfolio and proof of experience.

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